Celestial Navigation: Cosmic Doodling for ages 2 – 102!

Lay it down, Mix it up, kickback and relax with sublime melodic patterning.

Melodala is a unique, creative, blissed-out app mixing symmetrical drawing with music. Two drawing modes; 35 colours; 12 brushes, 3, 4, 6 & 8 way symmetry and 10 musical tracks all combine to enable the creation of unique cosmic doodles (Dalas) which you can keep as a screensaver, email, print or set adrift on memory bliss and start anew. As your symmetrical picture grows, so does the music. For each new brush you choose there's a new layer of sound to go with it. The possibilities are infinite.

"This is unique and original in the way it links design to sound. Every Soundala is a cosmic doodle, a one off - you'll never get tired of making them."


- 2 drawing modes-normal and blend
- 3,4,6 and 8 way symmetry
- 4 brushes, each with 3 texture variations
- 10 x 4 layered soundscapes
- Chillout mode
- 35 colour picker
- Volume control
- Save and email
- Sound control