Thursday, 6 May 2010


We struck gold when we found ace programmer Chris Walters. A search online followed by a phone call with a little intuition thrown in and we knew he was our man. He put the pieces together with style and creativity (and always a smile on his face). Several builds later and after endless emailing back and forth- assets, questions, beta versions to download etc. we were ready to roll. SOUNDALA was the name we had decided on after endless head scratching, and £1.79 was our price. The next stage was an alien world for Gil and myself (and our non-tech heads!) - testing and distribution through Xcode, simulators, certificates, analysis etc . at times mind numbing and just a tad frustrating! Luckily we had Chris to help us through it.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Birth of MELODALA

It's been a long, hard labour not without it's share of complications and diversions, but all in the spirit of gained experience and knowledge. MELODALA is finally with us, 11 years after her conception. The whole journey has been pure pleasantries, shared as it was with my good friend Gil (who very early on identified her potential as an iphone app) and master programmer Chris Walters. Originally conceived when I was studying for my MA in Interactive Media at Middelsex University, her embryonic beginnings were formed in Director - we were assigned a mini project to design an "object of delight", an interactive ditty with which to pass the time while waiting for something to download. The idea was based on the ancient Mandala, a concentric diagram used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks as a creative aid to meditation, healing and trance induction. Often constructed from sand, they are unique to Tibetan Buddhism and are believed to effect purification and healing. Monks construct Mandalas as a form of meditation over a number of days, weeks or even months. When completed, the Mandala is consecrated, before being swept away and dispersed into flowing water to symbolize the impermanent nature of existence.